Is There Natural Treatment for Nephritic Syndrome Patients with Proteinuria

Proteinuria is a common symptom of nephritic syndrome patients, which to some extent it is difficult to control. Maybe you know large amount of proteinuria in urine will tell that kidney has been damaged seriously and glomerular filtration rate declined significantly. So, is there natural treatment for nephritic syndrome patients with proteinuria?

How to reduce proteinuria in nephritic syndrome?

We have mentioned above too much proteinuria is caused by damaged renal functions and decline of GFR. The common treatment methods for reducing proteinuria include steroid treatment, supplement protein and dialysis. But these treatments still focus on relieving proteinuria, which can not treat the disease from the root. After a period of time, proteinuria will appear again, it is because these treatments can not reduce proteinuria fundamentally, and nephritic syndrome also can not improve.

Therefore, if patients want to reduce proteinuria, they should focus on repair renal functions and restore damage kidney tissues and cells. More free and fast information can be provided by online doctor or leave message below.

How to reduce proteinuria and treat nephritic syndrome effectively?

As a matter of fact, it is difficult to repair damaged kidneys and restore renal functions with western medicines and treatments. But Chinese medicines have the effects to help patients to achieve this aim from its root.

In Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Hot Compress is one of the most effective treatments, which is healthy and natural. It adopts advanced technology and equipment to help Chinese active herbal medicines to permeate into kidney tissues and cells directly. Moreover, this therapy is external application, which patients can not feel pain or discomfort. Through repairing damaged kidneys and restoring renal functions, proteinuria will disappear naturally and gradually.

Once diseased kidneys are restored, various symptoms will also disappear. Of course, there is no doubt that patients can avoid dialysis successfully, at the same time decrease the side effects of dialysis.

If you are interested in Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Hot Compress to reduce proteinuria fundamentally, please send us email to and write down your phone number or WhatsApp/Viber her for convenient communication with you directly and timely. We are here to help you.


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