The toxin-removing therapies for repeated swelling symptom

Swelling is one of symptom of nephritic syndromes, especially repeated swelling, and it means kidney disorder and may lead to cute nephritis if patients can not be treated timely. Tung Shin Tang kidney disease hospital has many successful cases to treat swelling which is difficult to cure and easy to repeat. So, how to reduce the repeated swelling?

Le Le is 1 year old and 10 months. The end of last year, she suffered cold. That time the cold was different as before. Her double eyes became swollen. When her mother brought her to local hospital for check, test results showed protein in urine 3+, albumin16.1g with double swollen eyelids. She was diagnosed as typical Nephrotic Syndrome. It was caused from the cold. She was treated in a period, but there was no obvious relief. Then her parents took her to another big hospital, she took mainly hormone treatment. The protein turned negative after 18 days and she discharged.

But this year her eyelids became swollen again. The protein in urine was still 3+ when she was brought to hospital for test. This time, her parents bring her to Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital for treatment. Doctor Zhang analyzed her condition to her parents. She was given toxin-removing therapy of TCM, which are natural and healthy to clean those immunocomplex in her blood and kidney inherent cells, improve the effect of hormone drugs. After half month, those results turned to normal level. We all are wishing that this time the effect can last forever in the future.

If you have interests to our treatments for kidney disease patients, especially patients who have repeated swelling, please feel free to consult us. We will do our utmost to help you.

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