Toxin-removing therapies for nephritic syndrome patients with repeated swelling

Toxin-removing therapies for nephritic syndrome patients with repeated swelling

Many patients are bothered by repeated swelling, because at first lots of them did not attention to this symptom. While, due to delay the condition, the swelling developed repeated edema. But our hospital is a specialized kidney disease hospital for repeated swelling. Here is one of the successful cases.

Xiao Liu is a college student, who found swelling symptom on his two legs. At the beginning, he had no attention to this situation. While lasting several days, swelling appeared again. He and his family came to local hospital for a checkup, which showed the urine protein was 4+, 24 hour urine protein reached at 5.71g. He was diagnosed with primary nephritic syndrome. After 20 days transfusion, swelling disappeared but urine protein had no improvement. He came back home for treatment. When he reexamination to hospital, the result was not good, which made his families were worried.

Luckily, through a patient introduction, they heard there are therapies for repeated swelling in our hospital. Then they arrived at here. On 27 June, they came to the ward. Whether there is a miracle or not?

And then doctors gave him a complete examination, protein 3+, 24 hours urine protein 2.17g. Our doctors explained to them why there is protein in urine. That is because there are lots of toxins and wastes in blood and kidney, thus kidney filtration was damaged, and kidney would discharged part of protein which be absorbed. So expelling blood toxins is the root of the treatment.

After a week of toxin-removing therapies, Xiao Liu’s condition had obvious improvement, which protein was negative and 24 hours protein urine reduced to 0.5g. All of them were happy and excited. Before he discharged from hospital, he checked again, at this time, his 24 hours protein urine 0.25g. Finally, through half of month treatment, he had curative effect. He came back home happily. Best wishes for him. We believe he will have a better test result at next examination.

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