The toxin-removing therapies for nephrotic syndrome patients

Mrs. Wang is 55 years old, who has diabetes and high blood pressure history for many years. Every day she only relies on western medicines to control blood pressure and blood sugar. While, she had repeated swellling, she can not do heavy work. The main burden puts on his husband’s shoulders.

Unluckily, one year ago, Mrs. Wang had systemic swelling, fatigue, and blood pressure increased. And then she went to the local hospital for treatment, she was diagnosed acute kidney failure primary nephritic syndrome. The report showed proteinuria 3+, blood urine 2+, serum creatinine 440 umol/L. After the improvement of the disease, she discharged from hospital. While, her condition deteriorated for a several days.

To anther hospital, the condition had no improvement. By accident, she heard shijiazhuang kidney disease is a professional kidney disease hospital, which has a systematic therapies to treat various kidney disorder. Then they decided come to here for specific treatment.

When she arrived at our hospital, her swelling symptom was very serious. When doctor pressed her leg, the leg was concave. After checked, the report showed serum creatinine reached 117 umol/L, 24 hours urine protein 10.55g. And then experts know her specific condition and make a systematic treatment, including toxin-removing therapies, immunotherapy, foot bath, oral Chinese medicines and so on. With the help of first expelling toxins and wastes from blood, the medicines effects will be absorbed efficiently. After a period of effective treatment and good care by doctors and nurses, Mrs. Wang has great improvement. Her weight reduced from 58.5 kg to 53.2 kg, and swelling relieved a lot. Meanwhile, creatinine level reduced to normal range—80 umol/L, 24 hours urine protein reduced to 1.19g/24h. Now she has discharged from hospital, with happy mood.

We believe her condition can recover better at home. If you want to know more details about our toxin-removing therapies, you can consult us at any time. We will do utmost to help you.

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