The Toxin-removing Therapies for Proteinuria Patients with Nephritic Syndrome

For a 9 years old child, it is the age of studying with children in school. While little Hengheng, he left his class one year ago, and shuttled between home and hospital.

Little Hengheng is 9 years old. 19 months ago, he had swelling in his two legs, with cough, runny noses for several days. His parents were anxiety. They took him to the local hospital to check. The examination showed protein 3+, 24 hours urinary protein 1.826g. Hengheng was diagnosed primary nephritic syndrome. After 21 days treatment, protein -, the symptom relieved, so they left hospital. However, the result was surprising.

A cold caused Hengheng’ condition recurrence. The swelling appears in two eyes and legs. In this time, his protein 3+, occult blood +-, 24 hours urinary protein 2.61g. He was asked to do renal puncture, in order to confirm the pathology. In this time, he was diagnosed difficult to cure the stubborn type of nephritis syndrome. Because they delay the treatment, so the disease became serious. Along with the disease became more severe, the hearts of parents heavier. By chance his parents knew shijiazhuang has a specialized kidney disease hospital through a patient friend. With doubtful idea, they hurriedly came to our hospital.

When they arrange for everything on 28 May, our doctors have a complete check for Hengheng, protein 4+, 24 hours urinary protein 8.04g. After a period time of toxin-removing therapies, little patient has obvious change. We use the characteristic treatments in our hospital, which remove the deposition of wastes and toxins in blood and kidney inherent cells first. The focus is before treating the damaged kidneys, first clear the toxins.

Finally, Hengheng’s 24 hours urinary protein reduced to 0.13, protein -. The swelling symptom also disappeared. Now he discharged hospital, sincerely wish Hengheng comes back school to study and play game with children happily.

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