Toxin-removing Therapies for Nephrotic Syndrome Patients with Occult Blood

Occult blood means patients have inflammation in their bodies. It is a symptom of kidney disease. If you can not pay attention to it, maybe it will cause severe kidney disease. This may bother you or your family, then how to treat occult blood?

There is a patient, 9 years old boy, has occult blood 1+, protein 3+ when he came in our hospital. The symptom has lasting one year. He also goes to many hospitals to treat, while all have no curative effects. Occult blood not disappears, but increases. The reason is the treatments they used are only deal with the symptom, but not find the root. Occult blood problem is because toxins accretion in kidneys, blocking blood vessels, which kidneys can not work normally. With the using medicines, the toxins will pile up more, thereby kidney disease more serious. Fortunately, his parents search the treatment information at website, after consulting our expert about our toxin-removing therapies, they come here for treatment.

They did not trust our therapies at the beginning, but the result is surprising to them. After three weeks of treatment, the condition of occult blood is negative and protein is 1+. He humorously said he never want to stay in hospital. He prefers to go to school than hospital. The toxin-removing therapies are our characteristics, which teat the symptoms and kidney diseases from the root. That is to say, clean toxins and wastes first. Only toxins removed out of body, the medications will dredge blood vessels, improve blood circulation, repair kidneys function and make kidneys work again. It is certain that occult blood symptom or other symptoms will disappear.

This is the treatment for kidney disease patients with occult blood. If you are curious about the details of therapies, please feel free to contact us. We will do our utmost to help.

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