The treatment to reduce proteinuria for kidney disease patients

Generally speaking, high proteinuria is likely to be problems in kidneys, which patients should pay attention to it. Then, according to the high proteinuria symptom, how to treat? Here I will introduce our hospital characteristic Chinese medicine therapies to reduce proteinuria, especially for the persistent proteinuria.

Mr. wang is 21 years old, he is a nephritic syndrome patient. When he arrived at our hospital, he was disappointed and irritable. Later, we learn that he has been treated in many hospitals, while all have no effects. Recently he was extremely happy and excited, because his 24h urinary protein reduced. At the beginning, his urinary protein was 4.58g. However, after treating in our hospital for less than three weeks, ptoteinuria reduced to 0.96g. The result is surprising to Mr. wang and his family. So, what are the therapies?

Through about 30 years clinical application, shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital has formed a systematic and complete characteristic treatments, which contain medicated bath, foot bath, Maikang mixture, acupuncture and so on. The focus of these treatments is first removing toxins in blood and kidney inherent cells. After cleaning up the toxins, and then repairing kidneys. The purpose is making medications play the biggest effects to damaged kidneys. Once kidney functions recover, it means that kidneys can work again. Thus high proteinuria naturally reduces and disappears. Our therapies treat the disease from the root.

You have a brief understanding to our treatments, if you have interests to the treatment to reduce proteinuria, you can leave message by email.

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