How to Treat Proteinuria Naturally in Nephrotic Syndrome

Proteinuria is one of the common symptoms of nephrotic syndrome and it is caused by the protein leaking into urine. With long time proteinuria, the innate renal cells will be damaged seriously. Leading to kidney function decline. Controlling the proteinuria plays an important role in delaying the development of the disease. This article will introduce nephrotic syndrome patients the natural treatment to reduce proteinuria.

When nephrotic syndrome patients suffer from protein urine, they usually are recommended with some hormone medicines or a low protein diet. However without cleaning the immune complexes from root, the kidney damage will appear again and protein urine will bother you again. In addition, the long time low protein diet influence the normal activities of daily life. Patients who want to get rid of protein urine from root need try their best to repair the injured kidney.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the best choice for nephrotic syndrome patients. It is applied around the kidney area and the active substances can enter into body with the penetrant. And it has four kinds of main functions.

1. Expending blood vessels: the active substances can expend blood vessels, increasing the blood flow volume in kidney. The fresh blood can support nutrition for renal cells, improving kidney functions.

2. Anti-inflammatory: the active substances can clean the immune complexes and wastes on kidney, blocking the ultra immune responses.

3. Anti-freezing: the medicine can promote the the blood circulation, preventing the formation of blood clots and decreasing the insufficient blood and oxygen condition.

4. Repairing the injured cells: the medicine contains the elements which are necessary for repairing the injured cells and improving kidney function.

All in all, the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can help patients get rid of proteinuria from root though repairing kidney.

Nephrotic syndrome patients should control their proteinuria condition as soon as possible. And if you want to know more information about kidney disease or treatment, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you as soon as possible.


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