Can Nephrotic Syndrome Patients Get Rid of Hormone Treatment

Can Nephrotic Syndrome Patients Get Rid of Hormone TreatmentNephrotic Syndrome is a kind of chronic kidney disease. It usually occur after a cold, and this disease are often accompanied with symptoms such as edema, protein urine and so on. Generally, the hormone will be recommended by the doctors to control these symptoms, but finally patients would find that the lone time use of hormone can not solve the kidney problems and patients suffer the high risk of recurrence. In turn, they become more and more dependent on these medicine. So how to get rid of these hormone become the most curious question for nephrotic syndrome patients.

The benefits nephrotic syndrome patients getting from hormone

The hormones play an important role in treating nephrotic syndrome. The hormones has functions of anti-inflammation, anti-freezing and immunosuppression, so under the work of the medicine, the ultra immune response on kidney can be controlled and the microcirculation in kidney also can be promoted. Patients can feel better through the treatment, for example the symptoms of protein urine and edema are remitted.

The hurts patients getting from the hormone

After a long time using hormone, the immunity of patients will get more and more poor and nephrotic syndrome patients will be easily influenced by some factors, such as cold, infection, tired and so on. So hormone do nothing for repair the kidney.

Traditional Chinese Medicine help patients get rid of hormone

Traditional Chinese Medicine is Chinese herbs-majored. And through different therapies such as medical bath, foot bath, hot compress, oral administration and so on, the active substances in Chinese herbs can enter into body and work on whole body to improving the blood flow condition. Especially for the kidney, the active substances can expend the the different levels of arteries, promoting the blood circulation and dissolving the blood clots, so that the glomerular filtration area can be increased and GFR can be improved. In addition, the active substances also can find the lesion parts of kidney, absorbing the immune complex and toxins and crashing them into broken matters. And finally the medicine can activate the kidney tissues and clean the toxins out of body, getting the purpose of stopping kidney damage.

Nephrotic syndrome patients can get rid of hormone gradually through our Traditional Chinese Medicine which is more natural and totally. And if you are interested in our therapy or want to know more about nephrotic syndrome, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.


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