Headache in Nephrotic Syndrome: Causes and Treatments

Headache in commonly seen in both children and adults with nephrotic syndrome. As this sign will affect patients’ life largely, it is essential to know about the causes and treatments.

Headache in Nephrotic Syndrome: Causes and Treatments Causes of headache in nephrotic syndrome

1. High blood pressure In this disorder, accompanied with loss of kidney function, increased secretion of renin and water-sodium retention can elevate blood pressure easily. In this way, sufferers may experience headache.

2. Usage of certain medications Generally, medicines like prednisone, cyclosporine, etc are used to alleviate symptoms, however, long-term usage of these drugs may cause certain side effects, and headache is one of them.

Besides, the accumulation of various wastes and toxins within the kidneys can also cause damage to the nerve system, under certain circumstances, this symptom may appear.

Treatments for headache in nephrotic syndrome

●Normally, patients are suggested to have enough rest. If the physical condition is allowed, they can take some physical activities regularly, for example, walking, jogging, Tai Chi and so on.

●Well control of hypertension Drugs like ACE Inhibitors, ARBs, etc are commonly used to lower blood pressure and control proteinuria. Besides, some natural herbs are also helpful. Wanna to get the herbal list? Chat with our Online Doctor immediately.

Medicated Bath It is created on the basis of TCM and has long been used to treat different disorder including headache. It is easy to operate, convenient and painless.

●Hot compress therapy Frankly speaking, to alleviate this discomfort from the root cause, the core of treatment should focus on repairing the injured renal structures and improving kidney function. Thereby, this therapy is highly recommended. Any interests? You can email the test report to kidneyfight@hotmail.com or leave a message blow. And our experts will reply you a satisficed answer as early as possible.

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