Proteinuria and Nephrotic Syndrome: Causes and Treatment

Proteinuria and Nephrotic Syndrome: Causes and Treatment  Nephrotic Syndrome refers to a group of clinical manifestations characterized by proteinuria, edema, hypoalbuminemia and hyperlipidemia. Similar to other chronic kidney disorders, it will develop into kidney failure eventually without effective control. In this article, we will introduce it’s causes and treatments.

Firstly, it is necessary to find out the cause of this symptom. In normal condition, healthy kidneys are responsible for filtering waste products and toxins out of the blood. However, in nephrotic syndrome, the damaged glomeruli will allow too much protein leak into urine. As a result, proteinuria will appear.

Coupled with loss of protein, people with nephrotic syndrome may become susceptible to different infections. What’s more, their illness condition will be aggravated. Therefore, it is necessary to have a good management of this symptom.

How to treat protein in urine for people with nephrotic syndrome?

Ingestion of protein foods It is reported that too much intake of protein will increase the workload of kidneys, therefore, the consumption of protein should be limited. However, as the illness condition varies, the specific amount should be different. If you are eager to know the specific amount, please email and we are always here to help. In addition, they can eat some high-quality protein foods, such as, fish, egg white, lean meat, milk and so on.

Medications Normally, sufferers may be prescribed with some hormones and immunosuppressive agents to suppress the inflammatory response and treat proteinuria. However, it will relapse easily.

Immunotherapy As the occurrence of protein in urine has close connection with kidney damage, thereby, it is significant to repair the impaired glomeruli and restore kidney function. Generally speaking, it consists of six parts, and it has been proven to be able to restore renal function. For more information, you can click here” What is immunotherapy? “.

If you happen to be a person with nephrotic syndrome and proteinuria, we are always here to help. Anything unclear, you can leave us message below. Best regards for you!

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