Can Patients with Nephrotic Syndrome Drink Alcohol

Can Patients with Nephrotic Syndrome Drink Alcohol For patients with Nephrotic Syndrome, they are usually confused by such a question: Can I drink alcohol? What are the side effects of alcohol? Follow me and you will find the answer.

Honestly speaking, patients with this disorder are allowed to drink alcohol. But the quantity should be not that much. If you are not sure whether this type of alcohol is suitable, you can consult with our online doctor directly. And our experts will provide you professional advices.

What are the side effects of alcohol for nephrotic syndrome patients?

Elevated blood pressure

People who drink alcohol excessively may have a higher risk of presenting high blood pressure, which is a second leading cause of kidney damage. If not limited properly, the elevated blood pressure can cause heart problems to kidneys.

Damage to kidneys

Healthy kidneys can excrete metabolic products and excessive fluid out of the body. However, the intake of alcohol may lead to the deposition of waste products in the kidneys. As a result, some symptoms and complications will be aggravated.

Affect the efficacy of medications

Frankly speaking, drinking alcohol may interfere with some medicines, both prescription and over-the counter drugs. And Over drinking will lower the efficacy of medications to some extent. To avoid serious condition from happening, you can email for detailed information.

Then are there some proper diet? The answer is “YES”. Generally speaking, the diet principle should be low-salt diet, low-protein diet, low-fat diet and balance of potassium and phosphorus foods. However, as the illness condition varies, patients should obey an individualized diet plan.

If you happen to be a person with nephrotic syndrome and likes drinking, we really hope the above contents can be helpful. Any doubts, you can leave us message below.

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