Can Nephrotic Syndrome Patients Eat Liver

Can Nephrotic Syndrome Patients Eat LiverNephrotic Syndrome is the gather of symptoms of serious edema, lots of protein urine, hypoproteinemia and hyperlipemia. Generally speaking, patients can take some hormones to control their symptoms and they can get a good effect in clinic. But patients have to follow the strict lifestyle to prevent the recurrence of the disease. Especially for the diet, it plays an important role in inhibit the development of the disease. Then can Nephrotic Syndrome patients eat liver? Now we will have a analysis.

liver is rich in purine. After being metabolized by human body, the metabolism wastes can heavier the kidney burden, especially for patients with gout, the liver intake maybe worsen the gout condition; and liver is one of the main organs of excreting toxins, so there are many toxins staying in liver, which also can cause damage to kidney. All in all, Nephrotic Syndrome with a poor immunity should avoid the liver intake as much as possible.

Foods containing rich purine also include celery, spinach, peanut, chicken soup, all kinds of broth, sardine and animal organs, so patients should pay more attention to their daily diet. In addition, lean meat also is high in purine, before patients eating, they had better boil them first. The diet plan for Nephrotic Syndrome should be:

1. Low protein diet: too much protein intake can increase the kidney metabolism burden, in addition, it may lead to protein urine which can accelerate kidney damage. But the high quality protein intake is necessary to meed human body need and boost their immunity, so patients can eat foods such like egg whites, fish, lean meats and so on to replace plant proteins.

2. Low salt: too much sodium intake can heavier the kidney burden and worsen the edema or high blood pressure condition, so patients must limit their sodium intake.

All in all, nephrotic syndrome patients can not eat liver and there are too many limitations for them. And if you want to know more about diet for kidney disease, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.


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