How to Diagnose Nephrotic Syndrome In Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital

How to Diagnose Nephrotic Syndrome In Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical HospitalUsually, in the early stage of nephrotic syndrome, there are no obvious signs, so, how to diagnose nephrotic syndrome in the early stage?

Nephrotic syndrome refers to a series of signs and complications. Generally, it is difficult to find these sings in the early stage. However, when patients feel obvious discomforts, such as, edema, massive foamy urine, noticeable blood urine, renal damage usually has became very serious. In this case, it is not easy to recover renal function and improve the quality of life.

However, in Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital, our experts have found some special diagnosis techniques. For example, urine protein constituent test, kidney tubules epithelial cells in urine test, glomerular protein filtration index detection. From the above diagnosis techniques, we can analyze which kind of epithelial cell is damaged, where is the renal damage, and how is the level of renal damage. In addition, through these diagnosis, we can tell doctors and patients accurately, which types patients’ renal disease belongs to and the degree of renal damage.

These unique techniques are only found in our hospital, other hospitals and doctors do not know these at all. If you want to learn more details of our diagnosis techniques, send an email to, we will provide more information for you.

Mostly, in our hospital, we have invented an innovative therapy called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, which is a combination of traditional Chinese medicine and modern technology and equipment. With the guidance of osmosis device, the shattered Chinese medicine can be penetrated into kidney lesions directly. By dilating blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, degradation and preventing the formation of thrombus, renal function can be improved from the root. As long as kidneys can carry out its function normally. The corresponding signs and complications of nephrotic syndrome can be relieved.

Do you get a clear answer about the diagnosis techniques for nephrotic syndrome in Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital, leave a message below, we are always here to help you.


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