Nephritis Is There Any Need to Cure Occult Blood

Nephritis Is There Any Need to Cure Occult BloodOccult blood will keep for long time in the situation of chronic nephritis. Usually, the patients do not see the red color in the urine or have any discomforts, but the urinalysis showed occult blood. Well, is there any need to cure occult blood?

Many doctors will tell the patients’ that it is not necessary to treat occult blood. Even some doctor do believe the energy cost on curing occult blood will lead to more questions. However, it is wrong.

The occult blood means the glomerular can not preserve the red blood cells in the blood. With the damage of glomerular, in addition to the unhealthy diets and life styles, the kidney will fail easily and fast. So that, please cure the occult blood in time.

If you have not find out the effective way to cure the occult blood, you can try Chinese herbal medicines such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath Therapy, Moxibustion Therapy, Steaming Therapy, and so on.

To be honest, the patients must take the treatments associated with their personally illness conditions. Hence, please contact our Online Doctor for the treatment plan and diet plan freely.

Back to the treatment, I will introduce Moxibustion Therapy as an example.

During the treatment, the wormwood will be used to fume the specific acupoints what are found out on the basis of the therapeutic theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to drive out the harmful things, active blood, dispel stasis, accelerate blood circulation, recover the diseased renal cells, etc. Finally, the diseased but not died kidney inherent cells are saved, and the occult blood will disappeared and the patients can stay in the normal life.

If you want to gain more information about the managements to occult blood in nephritis, please leave a message below or send the medical reports to us. We will try our best to help you.

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