Can You Come Off Of Kidney Dialysis Once You Start It

Can You Come Off Of Kidney Dialysis Once You Start ItCan you come off of kidney dialysis once you start it? My mother only take dialysis for a month. And her urinary volume is about 800ml/24h. You know, it makes my mother very weak. Is there still possible for her to get rid of dialysis?

Many patients have been told that the dialysis is a life long treatment, but with effective treatments, there are chances for them to live away from dialysis. However, with the help of specific therapies, some patients completely get rid of dialysis while some only reduce the frequencies of dialysis and discomforts according to the clinical records.

In our hospital, a natural method called Toxin-Removing Therapy which is created on the basis of the therapeutic theory of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) would be applied on the patients’ personally illness conditions. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Oral Chinese Medicine, Mai Kang Mixture, Acupuncture and other remedies used in Toxin-Removing Therapy focus on clearing up inner blood environment and enhancing immunity and self-recovery ability rather than simply alleviating symptoms or reestablishing kidney function. So that, only diseased but not necrotic kidney inherent cells can be brought back to track. This is also the reasons why some patients can not stop dialysis completely. Hence, early diagnosis, timely treatments, better clinical result.

Please do not worry, you said that her still have approximately 800ml urine output per day, what means some nephrons operating well. That is to say, there are much possibilities for her to recover. What is her creatinine level before dialysis? And what is her kidney function now? If possible, please give me her medical reports. I will give you the details of treatments and diets plan.

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