Herbal Medicine for Nephritis Patients with Protein Urine

Herbal Medicine for Nephritis Patients with Protein UrineWhen nephritis patients suffer protein urine, they often are recommended with some hormone drugs to decrease the protein urine. But dose the decreased protein urine mean the cure of their kidney damage? And whether the herbal medicine can help them cure the nephritis? This article will answer you these questions once upon a time.

Protein urine is caused by the lose of barrier and filtration function of renal cells, while the hormone medicine just control the protein urine though immunosuppression function and do nothing to repair the injured cells, so once patients stop using these medicine, they will suffer protein urine again, which also tell us that the decreased protein urine does not mean the stop of kidney damage and recover of kidney function.

Nephritis patients are in the early stage of the kidney damage, even have not suffer renal insufficient, so they can get recover sooner with a timely and effective treatment and live a healthy life. Herbal medicine, the natural plant, is different from the hormone medicine for it can control the protein urine and stop the kidney damage at the same time. Now let us see how dose our hospital use the herbal medicine to treat nephritis.

We decided the kinds and dosages of herbs according to the specific conditions of patients, then we crash the herbs into powers and compound the powers with penetrant, and finally we applied the medicines around the kidney area of patients. At the work of osmosis equipment, the active substances in medicine can enter into body, working on expending blood vessels and promoting blood circulation to remove blood clots and increase the blood perfusion in kidney. And the active substances in medicine also can find the lesion parts, absorb and crash the wastes in blood to decrease the deposition of immune complexes and block the ultra immune response on kidney. With the pure and enough blood in kidney, the kidney damage can be stopped. In addition, the nutrition in medicine also can repair the injured cells, revering the kidney function effectively.

When the kidney damage is blocked, the protein urine can be cured from foot. Nephritis patients must have a timely and effective treatment in case of the happen of kidney failure and more complications. If you want to know more about herbal medicine, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to kidneyfight@hotmail.com, we will reply you within 24 hours.


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