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Nephritis Treatment

What Treatments Can Prevent Chronic Nephritis from Renal Failure

Chronic glomerular nephritis also is called chronic nephritis, which is caused by various factors and develops slowly. What treatments can prevent chronic nephritis from renal failure? Welcome to consult our online doctors to get free and fa...Read More

Toxin-removing therapies for patients with repeated swelling

Repeated and stubborn swelling is bothered many people, which have been on treated for a long time. Our hospital has more than 30 years of clinical experience, and recent years have treated many successful cases of swelling symptom. So, how ...Read More

Best Treatment for Nephritis to Avoid Kidney Failure

What is the best treatment for nephritis? Nephritis is inflammation of the kidney, or small round filters located in the kidney. It can cause impaired renal function, which makes the condition gradually develops to kidney failure. If you ar...Read More

Herbal Medicine for Nephritis Patients with Protein Urine

When nephritis patients suffer protein urine, they often are recommended with some hormone drugs to decrease the protein urine. But dose the decreased protein urine mean the cure of their kidney damage? And whether the herbal medicine can h...Read More

Hard to Breath in Glomerulonephritis: Cause and Treatment

Glomerulonephritis patients sometimes suffer from breathing difficulty. What cause the hard to breath and what patients can do to manage this problem. The cause of hard to breath in Glomerulonephritis: 1. The injured kidney fail to excrete...Read More

Treatment for High Blood Pressure in Nephritis

Nephritis is the inflammatory change of kidney innate tissues which is caused by the immune-mediated inflammatory mediator, and the inflammatory will lead to kidney function decline at different degree. This inflammatory is caused by many k...Read More

What Can be Done to Treat Nephritis

Nephritis refers to the inflammation of blood filters in kidneys, once filter is damaged, some severe complications will occur. So, how to treat Nephritis? First, forming a basic understanding of Nephritis is necessary. Normally, the wastes...Read More

How to Reduce Creatinine 4.3 in Nephritis

How to reduce creatinine 4.3 in nephritis? If you or your relatives are plagued by this problem, please follow me to find the answer. ...Read More

How to Alleviate Headache in Chronic Nephritis Patients

People with chronic nephritis may suffer from headache. As this symptom will affect patients’ life quality largely, it is significant to take effective measures as early as possible. ...Read More

Is There A Natural Treatment for Nephritis

Nephritis refers to inflammation that occurs in one or both the kidneys. Troubled by the discomforts and high relapse rate, people begin to search for natural treatments. ...Read More

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