In Nephritis: Creatinine Level 6.3 Indicates What

Creatinine level 6.3 with nephritis should not be ignored, so, in nephritis, creatinine level 6.3 indicates what? Next, we are going to talk about the question.

Nephritis is a kind of kidney diseases, as we all know, kidney is an important organ in our body. Once there is inflammation in kidneys or kidneys are injured for some reason, our body will experience a set of irregular signs. Increased creatinine level is such a serious sign. So, what does creatinine level 6.3 with nephritis indicate?

In fact, the normal level of creatinine is less than 1.5mg/dl, extra creatinine is discharged out of the body by kidneys. When patients experience creatinine 6.3, it means more than 50% renal function has lost. If left alone, the disease will develop into renal failure and patients will bear great pain.

Luckily, in Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital, we have made an effective method called Blood Purification, the method can remove toxin from the body effectively. Differ from dialysis, it not only can discharge micro-molecule substances, but also some middle-molecule or even macro toxin can be discharged. As long as these toxic and harmful matters stimulate in kidneys can be removed from body, creatinine level 6.3 can be lowered obviously.

Besides, even if dialysis is an emergency treatment for lowering creatinine level, it can not decrease creatinine 6.3 absolutely. Once dialysis is stopped, the creatinine level will go up again. So, most patients do not want to do dialysis. Compared to dialysis, Blood Purification can avoid these shortages. If you have any interest to learn more details of the therapy, contact us by email:, we will provide more info freely.

Besides, our characterized therapies that used to lower increased creatinine also includes: Hot Compress Therapy, Medicated Bath, Oral Chinese medicine and so on.

If you still do not know creatinine level 6.3 with nephritis indicate what, remember to leave a message below, we believe we can help you. Best wishes!

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