Nephritis: Causes and Treatments for Proteinuria

For people with nephritis, they are usually plagued by a range of symptoms including proteinuria, then, how does it occur and what are the treatments?

Nephritis: Causes and Treatments for ProteinuriaCauses of protein in urine in people with nephritis

Kidneys are two significant organs in our body, they can not only filter out wastes, toxins from blood, but also preserve useful substances in body. In nephritis, the filtering units named glomeruli became inflamed and thickened, useful substances like protein may leak into urine eventually, resulting in proteinuria. If left untreated, there will be progressive decline of kidney function.

How to manage proteinuria in nephritis?

-Lower blood pressure It is reported uncontrolled hypertension will weaken capillaries of kidneys, in general, medications like ACE Inhibitors, ARBs may be prescribed by the doctors to protect kidneys and reduce blood pressure. And the reasonable BP level can be 130/80mm Hg.

-Healthy eating plan To have a good control of protein in urine, it also significant to follow a healthy diet. Normally, the diet plan for people with nephritis should be low-salt and low-protein. For personalized advice, you can consult with our live doctor to get a satisfied answer.

-Avoid infections In daily life, sufferers need to pay attention to different infections, for instance, urinary tract infection. If not, it will worsen the illness condition.

-Hot compress therapy It an innovation of TCM, during the course, two bags filled with herbs will be put at kidney lesion area. By external application, nutrients of the herbs can be fully absorbed.

It is convenient, comfortable and painless. And each herbal formula is prescribed on the individual’s condition. What’s more, it aims at restoring kidney function fundamentally. Once renal function is improved, proteinuria can be managed well. If you want to more about this, please email and we will reply you as early as possible.

The above are causes and treatments for proteinuria in people with nephritis, if you are presenting this or similar cases, do not remember that we are always here to help. Good luck!


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