What are the Complications of Nephritis

What are the Complications of NephritisNephritis refers to a kidney disorder, in which the filtering units called glomeruli in one or both kidneys became inflamed and thickened. In this text, we will introduce some of the possible complications of this disease.

High blood pressure In normal condition, the kidneys can not only filter waste products and toxins out of the blood, but also help regulate blood pressure. In nephritis, the impaired kidneys will not be able to work normally. Therefore, high blood pressure is more likely to occur. If left alone, it may cause further damage to kidneys and increase the risk of presenting cardiovascular disorders, etc.

Nephrotic syndrome In some cases, it can be related to nephrotic syndrome, which is usually characterized by a group of clinical manifestations, proteinuria, swelling, hyperkalemia, hypoproteinemia.

Chronic kidney failure Chronic kidney failure is an extremely serious complication of nephritis. If it develops into end stage renal disease, dialysis or a kidney transplant will be required to sustain life.

Gastrointestinal disorder According to a research, the immune system related disorder may affect the internal organs including the intestinal tract, and the manifestations can be nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and so on.

Acute renal failure Under certain circumstances, there can be rapid building up of metabolic products and toxins in the body. Normally, an emergency dialysis is suggested. However, it may progress into chronic renal failure without effective control.

The above are possible complications of nephritis, and we really hope you can gain a lot. To live a better life, it is necessary to seek for an early and effective treatment. Here, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Immunotherapy can be good choices. If you are interested in this, please leave us message below or consult with our online doctor directly.


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