How to Lower High Blood Pressure in Nephritis

Nephritis means inflammations that occur in one or both kidneys. If you happen to be a patient with nephritis, you may suffer from high blood pressure. Read on and find the treatments to manage your hypertension caused by nephritis.

Why Nephritis Causes High Blood Pressure?

Kidneys work as renal filters which clean your blood around the clock. It helps remove the waste products and excessive water in the blood while it regulate your blood pressure and electrolyte levels.

Healthy kidneys naturally release a kind of substance named “renin”, which can contract the blood vessels, so that it can help keep the blood pressure under normal range. However, when you are diagnosed with nephritis, damaged kidneys will fail to function enough, causing high blood pressure. Then, to lower high blood pressure, you need to control the underlying nephritis.

How to Lower High Blood Pressure in Nephritis?

High blood pressure damages the renal blood vessels in return, which worsen your damaged kidneys further. To lower blood pressure, we need to control the underlying kidney damage and hypertension at the same time.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is suggested for its functions of lowering high blood pressure and improve kidney functions (whether you are a candidate to Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy? Email your medical report to and get a reply within 48 hours).

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the latest treatment for nephritis. It contains 150 types of herbal formulas, which is required based on patients’ own condition. It chooses the herbs which have the natural ability to expand the blood vessels and repair the damaged kidney tissues.

It has been used in clinic for kidney disease patients for more than 25 years, which have saved many nephritis families and even help many patients get rid of dialysis. If you have interest about its effects, please read: Patient Experience in our hospital.

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