Hematuria in Glomerulonephritis: Cause and Treatment

Hematuria in Glomerulonephritis: Cause and TreatmentGlomerulonephritis is caused by the deposition of immune complexes, leading to damage to the deposition part. When the renal cells are injured, patients will suffer some symptoms. Hematuria is one of them, and it really scared patients a lot when they urinate. Here will have a analysis the cause and introduce you treatment for hematuria in glomerulonephritis.

The cause of hematuria in glomerulonephritis:

Hematuria refers to that there are red blood cells in the urine. When the renal cells are injured, its barrier function also can be influenced, so the red blood cells leak into urine.

The treatment for hematuria in glomerulonephritis:

For glomerulonephritis patients, controlling these symptoms plays an important role in delaying the development of the disease. but the most important thing for patients is stopping the kidney damage which also is the key to get rid of hematuria from root.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the special treatment in our hospital. The medicine has three kinds of functions.

1. Expending blood vessels: when the blood vessels are expended, with the blood perfusion increase, the blood circulation can be promoted and the hypoxic-ischemic state also can be remitted.

2. Cleaning toxins: the active substances in medicine can find the lesion parts exactly, absorb and crash the immune complexes. Finally these broken matter will be metabolized with the blood circulation, blocking the ultra immune responses on kidney.

3. Repairing injured cells: the nutrition in medicine can help repair the injured renal cells, reversing kidney functions.

The kidney damage mainly is caused by the hypoxic-ischemic and the ultra immune responses in kidney, but with the help of our treatment, the kidney damage ways can be blocked. In addition, with the healthy increased blood perfusion and nutrition in medicine, the kidney function can be revered at most degree, the hematuria also can be cured from root.

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