Knowing Early Symptoms of Nephritis Is Good for The Prevention of Renal Failure

Knowing Early Symptoms of Nephritis Is Good for The Prevention of Renal FailureNephritis also can be called as glomerulonephritis which is a common kidney disease in clinic. According to the different symptoms, the disease can be divided into chronic nephritis and acute nephritis. But when many patients found that they are attacked by kidney disease, they are in the middle stage or late stage of renal failure. Why? The main reason is patients know less about the early symptoms of nephritis and miss the best time to prevention and treatment.

The kidney has the strong compensative capacity, so only when the kidney are damaged seriously, patients will suffer obvious discomforts. But disease at this time is difficult to treat. Finding the nephritis and having a timely treatment plays an important role in cure kidney disease. Today, we will introduce you come early symptoms of nephritis.

1. Infection: nephritis is always accompanied with pharyngitis, amygdalitis, upper respiratory infection, skin infection such kinds of diseases. So if you suffer these kinds of infection, you had better have a regular urine test.

2. Edema: although nephritis has no special symptoms, at the early stage patients will suffer tired, weak, back pains, edema and foamy urine such symptoms, so patients also need a test with these symptoms.

3. High blood pressure: about 1/3 nephritis patients have the symptom of high blood pressure, showing as headache, poor memory, poor sleep and so on.

4. The change of urine volume: nephritis patients will suffer the increased urine volume and frequent urination in night. If you urinate more than 2 times at night without lots water intake before sleep, you need test your kidney function.

5. Anemia: except the hematological system diseases, anemia also has close relation with kidney function decline. So anemia patients also should pay more attention to their blood condition.

All we mentioned about the early symptoms of nephritis is good for you to find the disease timely. And with a timely prevention and treatment, nephritis patients can avoid the renal failure and some pains brought by complications. We really hope we can do something for you. And if you want to know more information about nephritis or want to ask suggestions for treatment, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.


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