How to Improve the Prognosis of Nephritis

How to Improve the Prognosis of NephritisNephritis is a disorder in which the filters named glomeruli are inflamed. And the prognosis of this disease varies from person to person. Today we are going to talk about ways to promote its prognosis. Follow me and you will find a satisfied answer.

Causes of nephritis

Before finding out the helpful methods, we can have a basic understanding about its causes. A variety of conditions can cause nephritis, such as various infections, high blood pressure, diabetes, HIV, FSGS, acute nephritis and so on.

How to improve the prognosis of Nephritis?

Obey a healthy diet

Even if diet alone can not cure this disorder, a proper diet can still help delay its progression during the whole treatment. In most cases, the dietary regime should be low-protein, low-salt, high-vitamin, low-fat, etc. Any interests about individualized diet, you can describe your illness condition in detail and email

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Based on traditional Chinese medicine(TCM), this treatment has obtained good curative effects in recent decades. With the help of osmosis device, the active substances of the herbs can effect on the kidney lesion directly and effectively.

By promoting blood circulation, anti-inflammation, and providing nutrient substances for the damaged kidneys, the relevant symptoms can be relieved to much degree. More importantly, it can help improve kidney function. More information about this therapy, you can consult with our professional experts online immediately.

Except for the above aspects, sufferers also need to the following things: such as, regular tests, quit smoking and drinking, take moderate exercises and keep a positive attitude towards life, etc.

If you happen to be a person with nephritis, we are always here to help. More questions about this topic, you are welcomed to leave us message. Good luck!


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