Can Nephritis Patients with Creatinine 3.8 Eat seafood

Can Nephritis Patients with Creatinine 3.8 Eat seafoodNephritis is the common kidney disease. In clinic there are many symptoms such as protein urine, blood urine, edema,high blood pressure and so on. Among of them, the protein urine refers to the ultra immune response on the kidney and the injured filtration membrane and barrier structure. When the kidney function is influenced and the creatinine increase, there are many diet rules for them. This article will have a analysis about the seafood for nephritis patients with creatinine 3.8.

Generally speaking, chronic nephritis patients are not recommended with seafood which contain rich proteins. The injured kidney fail to excrete creatinine, BUN and other metabolism wastes out of body effectively. However,the protein in seafood is collagen-majored which is difficult for human body to consume. Patients eating too much seafood will cause the higher creatinine, BUN and others which can damage body tissues, so nephritis patients had better limit the seafood intake. In addition, the seafood is easy lead to anaphylaxis for some patients, causing further damage to kidney.

But limiting sea foods intake doesn’t mean that nephritis patients must have no seafood at all. The protein in seafood are high quality, proper high quality intake is good for the normal activities of patients. And there is one thing need to mentioned that nephritis patients with creatinine 3.8 should eat seafood and drink beer at the same time for it can worse the kidney condition, even more serious patients maybe suffer high uric acid, gout and kidney stone and so on.

All in all, nephritis patients with creatinine 3.8 are not suitable for seafood. But they can have proper intake when their condition get better. Patients should keep the protein quality and quantity intake suitably, avoiding supporting nutrition blindly.

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