Treatment for Membranous Nephropathy with High Creatinine and High BUN

Treatment for Membranous Nephropathy with High Creatinine and High BUNWhen membranous nephroapthy patients suffer high creatinine and high BUN, they usually also experience many symptoms, such as blood urine, protein urine, edema and so on. High creatinine and high BUN both are the common indicator of renal function. The higher the creatinine and BUN level are, the lesser the kidney function is. So once the creatinine or BUN is higher than normal, membranous nephroapthy patients should take timely treatment to reverse the kidney function.

Membranous nephroapthy is a kind of immune systems disease, when the virus attack the human body, the antibody fail to distinguish the virus from normal tissues and in turn they will cause damage to the normal tissues. So membranous nephroapthy patients who want to improve the kidney function to lower the creatininr and BUN must eliminate the toxins in blood and repair the immune systems.

Traditional Chinese Medicine treating membranous nephroapthy

Steaming therapy: the active substances can enter into body through the expended blood vessel in skin. The purpose of it is solve the problem of blood impassability.

Medical bath: the medicine has the function of diffusing and it penetrate into body with the hot water and help patients excrete lots of sweats and urine, and the toxins in blood also can be cleaned.

Chinese Circle therapy: after smearing the medicine on the back, the active substances in the medicine can draw out the toxins through the acupoints of human body.

Acupuncture: it is a kind of treatment, through putting the needles on the proper acupoints, it can get the purpose of promoting blood vessel and dissolve the blood stasis, balancing the blood and Qi, yin and yang, clod and hot.

Hot compress: the medicine also can expend blood vessel, increasing the blood volume in kidney. At the same time, it also can absorb the toxins in blood and remove the blood clots, excreting the toxins out of body.

Foot bath: the veins and acupoints on foot are related with the tissues of whole body. Once the medicine enter into body through the foot, they can work on whole body.

When the blood flowing into kidney are pure and unfailing, the kidney damage can be clocked and the immune system also can be restored. And there are enough blood and oxygen in kidney, the injured kidney cells can be repaired and kidney function can be improved, followed by the decreased high creatinine and BUN. Membranous nephroapthy patients can get more information about their disease through contacting our online doctors or emailing to, we will reply you within 24 hours.


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