Natural Remedy for Proteinuria in Messalina Proliferative Glomerular Nephritis(MPGN)

Natural Remedy for Proteinuria in Messalina Proliferative Glomerular Nephritis(MPGN)MPGN patients often have proteinuria. If it is controlled badly, it will aggravate the disease. So they are worried about their conditions and want to find effective treatment for the disease. We will introduce our natural remedy for proteinuria in MPGN.

To treat MPGN, firstly we have to know about it. MPGN means damage in basilar membrane and endothelial cells which is caused by hyperplasia of mesangial cell and stroma. So the normal barrier function of them are injured, protein flows out then. The root of this disease is unbalance of immunity in patients then can let infection invade into their kidneys. Our natural remedy can treat proteinuria in MPGN effectively.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

We crush traditional Chinese medicines and put them into special liquid. Then we place these bags on the area of kidney of patients. The medicine can be permeated into kidney through certain machines. It takes effect to enlarge vessels so as to improve microcirculation in and around the kidneys. The condition of lack of blood and oxygen in kidney can be released. This provides a nice environment for injured mesangial cell to repair. Moreover, it can resist inflammation successfully by reducing the chance of renal cells to get infected in order to prevent continued damage of mesangial cell. Another effect of this therapy is that it can degrade deposited stroma so as to excrete them easily out of kidney. Then the inherent renal cells can repair gradually. Glomerulus can filter protein and proteinuria will be released or even reversed. Know more information, you can send us e-mail.

The routine treatment of MPGN in western medicine is using hormone, immunosuppressor. But disease can easily rebound. While our Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can solve this problem. Because the base of our therapy is to repair injured glomerular mesangial cell. Only can mesangial cell restore, the symptoms included protein can be relieved.

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