How to Treat Swelling With Membranous Nephropathy

How to Treat Swelling With Membranous NephropathySwelling is the most noticeable symptom of MN (membranous nephropathy), so, how to treat swelling with the disease?

MN is not an easy disease to treat, it is a kidney disorder that can occur by itself or in conjunction with several other diseases. It is caused by the build-up of immune complexes within the kidney itself. Over time, the disease can cause renal failure.

The most common sign of MN is edema, which typically starts in the feet and legs. But it can move into the hips and abdomen as well. The swelling will be more obvious in the morning, it brings great pain to patients both in physical and mental.

Well, it there an treatment option for swelling?

Fortunately, in Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital, there is an innovative method called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, which can improve renal function and repair renal injury. Since the underlying cause of edema is the decline of kidney function. So, in order to treat edema from the root, the primary measure is to enhance kidney function.

The method is based on natural herbal medicine and used externally, however, it is different from traditional Chinese medicine. During the course, two bags contained active medicine are placed on the patients’ back, with the aid of osmosis device, the medicine can be penetrated into kidney lesions adequately. By dilating blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, degradation and preventing the formation of thrombus, kidney function can be improved from the root. Once kidneys can work normally, swelling can be treated. For more details of the therapy? Email to:

In addition, plasma exchange is another effective method that can clear off immune complexes thoroughly, it is especially effective in removing antibodies, immune complexes and allogenic antigen, so, it is highly recommended for patients with immune kidney disease. In this way, swelling can be treated. And other signs of MN can also be relieved.

After the above analysis, if you still have doubts about how to treat swelling with MN, leave a message below, we are always here to help you. Take care!

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