How to treat membranous nephropathy?

About the treatment, firstly, we should know clearly what membranous nephropathy it is. It refers to a kidney disorder that results in the inflammation and thickening of the glomeruli, which the small blood vessels in the kidneys to filter the waste products and fluids. However, how to treat membranous nephropathy? What is our treatment?

Due to the damages occur in the part of glomerular basement membrane, leading to the parts fail to function normally or properly. Therefore, large amount of protein leakage shows up. Here I will introduce a case according to the disease.

Ms. Wang is a membranous nephropathy patient, 22 years old. Her illness condition has not been effectively controlled for several years. Fortunately, Ms. Wang came to Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital. When she came here, her 24 hours urine protein was 0.58, and protein was +-. Our experts known about her condition clearly and made a specific treatment for her. The main point is to use the toxin-removing therapies to clean up the toxins and excessive wastes and water out of the blood. Once the harmful products are discharged from the body, when you take any Chinese medicines to treat the disease, it will play the biggest effects.

After a period of treatment, her protein turned to negative from weak positive, 24 hours urine protein reduced to 0.12g. The results are seen and real. Ms. Wang’s whole family is very happy to see such a good treatment effect, and introduce our hospital to other patients. It's our biggest wish to witness more and more patients' recoveries!

We are willing to help you, if you have the same disease or want to know more details about our characteristic treatment, especially the toxin-removing therapies. Please contact us by the method as you like, if you have any problem about kidney disease.

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