The Symptoms of Membranous Nephropathy at Early Stage

Many people don’t have a clear knowledge about the membranous nephropathy. Then what kind of disease the membranous nephropathy is ? The appearance of the disease is because that there are many immune complex depositing in the epithelial side of glomerular capillary loop, causing damage to the kidney innate cells. People who are older than 40 years are easy caught the disease, and most of them begin with the nephrotic syndrome for the nearly same symptoms of them.

Membranous nephropathy has many kinds of clinic symptoms which are very similar with the nephritis. For to find and treat the membranous nephropathy in time, knowing the clinic symptoms clearly is very important. Then what symptoms are included?

1. Protein urine: experts point out that there are about 15%~20% of membranous nephropathy patients have no obvious symptoms, but protein urine usually is found at first.

2. Blood urine: blood urine also is the common symptom of the disease, adult microscopic hematuria accounts for 60% and there are gross hematuria in child without canal of red blood cells.

3. High blood pressure: at first, the blood pressure of patients are normal, but with the development of the disease, about 50% of patients suffer from high blood pressure which maybe disappear when the disease have a right direction.

4. Edema: at the early stage, the kidney function is less lost and 80% of patients have edema at different degree.

5. High-coagulation syndrome and renal venous thrombosis: they are the common complications which is caused by the increased blood coagulation factors in blood.

According to our introduction about the symptoms, people must have some idea about the disease. Membranous nephropathy patients must keep a positive attitude to have a timely and effective treatment. If you are attacked by kidney disease and want to know more about the treatment, you can contact with our online doctors or send email to


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