How to Live Healthy with Membranous Nephropathy

How to Live Healthy with membranous NephropathyMembranous Nephropathy refers to a progressive disease, and some people may live out with it for years, then how to live healthy with membranous nephropathy? Please read on and you can find the answer.

A scientific diet In daily life, a scientific diet means a lot during the course. In general, the dietary can be low-salt diet, high-quality protein diet, high-fiber, balance of potassium and phosphorus and so on. However, the diet should be in accordance with his illness condition. For more detailed tips, you are suggested to email and our experts will reply you soon.

Be aware of various infections Patients with this disease should pay attention to various infections, such as cold, urinary tract infection, skin infection, upper respiratory tract infection and so on. Without effective control, these infections can lower the immunity of the body and worsen the illness condition.

Balance of work and rest Enough rest can help improve patients’ life quality to some extent. Besides, they can take some moderate physical activities, such as, jogging, walking, Tai Chi and so on.

Avoid nephrotoxic drugs In normal case, drugs may be used to to treat this disease, however, some medications may cause damage to the kidneys. Remember that it is necessary to ask for the doctor’s help before taking medicines.

Early and effective control of the complications Experts at our Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital remind patients should pay attention to the possible complications, such as, nephrotic syndrome and acute kidney failure. Let’s take acute kidney failure for example, in this condition, some blood-purification technologies including dialysis can be used to filter the waste products and toxins in the blood. However, if not treated properly, it may progress into chronic kidney failure.

The above are some tips on how to live healthy with membranous nephropathy, if you have any questions about this article, please consult with our online doctor or leave us a message below. Good luck!


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