How to Treat Lupus Nephritis with High Creatinine Level Naturally

Lupus nephritis is caused by the SLE which is an autoimmune disease. The immune system fail to distinguish the antibodies from the invaders, in turn cause damage to the normal kidney tissues. This is why lupus nephritis patients suffer high creatinine level.

Traditionally, when people are attacked by kidney disease, doctor will give some hormone medicines to remit their symptoms and do nothing to repair the injured kidney. When the toxins in blood are high enough, patients have to accept dialysis or kidney transplant to prolong their life expectancy. But today, lupus nephritis patients with high creatinine has taken another more natural and more effective treatment in China: the Traditional Chinese Medicine which is Chinese herbs-centered. And through different ways, the active substances in medicine can enter into body, working on whole body and making sure that the blood flowing into kidney are normal.

Steaming therapy: the active substances in medicine has the functions of regulating channels, promoting blood circulation and removing blood clots and cleaning the toxins in blood. And the active substances enter into body through the expended pores with the steam.

Medical bath: the purpose of the medicine is cleaning the toxins in the vital organs of the human body through promoting patients excreting lots of sweat and urine.

Acupuncture: it has the functions of activating vital energy and blood circulation, keeping our body warm, dissolving blood clots and so on. Some patients without urine even start urinate a little.

Hot compress: the medicine is applied on around the kidney area with the purpose of improving kidney function. The medicine has the functions of expending blood vessel to increasing the blood flow volume, cleaning the toxins to stop ultra immune response, promoting blood circulation to remove blood clots and degrading extra cellular matrix to blocking the renal fibrosis process.

In a world, the Traditional Chinese Medicine not only can decrease creatinine and other toxins naturally, it also can stop the kidney damage and improve the kidney function, lowering creatinine from root. If you are interested in our therapies to treat lupus nephritis, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.

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