How to Lower Creatinine 5.6 in Lupus Nephritis without Dialysis

How to Lower Creatinine 5.6 in Lupus Nephritis without DialysisLupus nephritis is caused by the Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) which is a kind of autoimmune disease. Creatinine, the representative of metabolic wastes in human body, is the most common indicator to show the kidney function. Lupus nephritis patients with creatinine 5.6are not far away from dialysis, even worse, some patients has started dialysis. Today we will introduce you the natural treatment to lower high creatinine without dialysis.

The higher the creatinine is, the more symptoms patients suffer for there are more toxins in blood. The lupus nephritis patients want to get rid of pains brought by these symptoms, they have to accepting dialysis. Dialysis really can help patients remit some symptoms and improve the life quality of patients. But why there still are many people who reject dialysis? Patients always are accompanied with acute complications during the course of dialysis. Moreover, dialysis just can replace kidney in some degree and it fail to remove the middle and macromolecule toxins in blood which will continue the damage to human body. The most important thing is dialysis do nothing to repair or protect the remaining kidney function.

Natural treatment for lupus nephritis patients with creatinine 5.6

Steaming therapy: according to the physiological characteristics of skin, the active substances in medicine can enter into body under the work of heating effect, getting the purpose of promoting blood vessels, dissolving blood clots and removing toxins in blood.

Medical bath: the active substances in medicine which has diffusing function enter into body with hot water though the skin, reaching the purpose of cleaning toxins in body though excreting sweat and urine.

Hot compress: it is applied on the kidney area, so the active substances in medicine can enter into kidney directly with the purpose of stopping ultra immune response on kidney, improving blood flow volume and removing the toxins depositing in kidney.

Foot bath: through foot bath, the medicine can enter into whole body to unchoke the blood vessels and improve the blood circulation.

There are other special therapies in our hospital. With the help of our treatment, there are outpouring pure blood flowing into kidney, so the kidney damage can be stopped and kidney function can be reversed at different degree. And when the blood in whole body are smooth and fresh, lupus nephritis patients can get rid of symptoms and lower creatinine 5.6 without dialysis. If you are interested in our treatment, contact our online doctors or leave us messages, we will reply you within 24 hours.


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