The Extrarenal Symptoms and Treatment for Lupus Nephritis

The reason why people are attacked by SLE has not been founded, but most people think that the disease is related with inheritance, virus infection, immune system disorder, the exposure of sunshine, drug infection and so on which all can cause the immune system disorder. SLE is a kind of disease related with whole body, damaging many systems and organs, including the kidney. Expect the symptoms related with injured kidney, what are the extrarenal symptoms of Lupus Nephritis? Knowing these extrarenal symptoms also can help patients prevent Lupus Nephritis.

1. The common symptoms: most of the patients show generalized weakness and suffer loss of weight. And around 90% of patients have the symptoms of fever.

2. The skin mucous membrane damage: around 50% of patients suffer from skin disease related with blood vessel which show as different kinds of erythemas spearing on the different parts of body.

3. The lesion of joints and muscles: around 95% of patients have the symptoms of joint pains.

4. The blood system disease: more than half of the patients have the symptoms of anemia.

The theory of our hospital in treating kidney disease is that kidney disease is a kind of blood systems disease. Why do we say that? Due to some factors, the blood flow speed in our body would be changed and there are some immune complexes and metabolism wastes would deposit in a certain part of the kidney, causing ultra immune response and damage to the kidney innate cells. And with the increase of deposition, there are blood stasis in blood vessel, leading to obstruction of blood vessels and causing hypoxic-ischemic of kidney. In turn, there are more and more toxins can not be excreted out of body.

According to the theory, we hospital treating kidney disease mainly use our Traditional Chinese Medicine which has the function of promoting blood circulation, dissolving the blood clots, removing the toxins out of body. And when the blood are pure and enough for kidney, the kidney damage can be blocked.

The prevention of Lupus Nephritis mainly depend on the early diagnose and reasonable treatment for SLE. And this extrarenal symptoms can help you find the disease timely. Even if you have been attacked by Lupus Nephritis, you also need a timely treatment. Never wait for dialysis or kidney transplant, Lupus Nephritis patients can have a try of our Traditional Chinese Medicine. And if you are interested, you can contact our online doctors or send email to, we will reply you timely.


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