How to Lower The High Creatinine in Lupus Nephritis

How to Lower The High Creatinine in Lupus NephritisLupus nephritis is the common viscera damage caused by systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), and in turn, the appearance of kidney disease can influence the recover of SLE directly. Lupus nephritis patients usually suffer from fever, rash, edema, blood urine, protein urine and so on. Without a timely and effective treatment, the creatinine will get higher and higher, eventually, uremia will occur.

Creatinine is the indicator of kidney function we used frequently. Generally, the higher the creatinine is, the heavier the kidney damage is. Many patients would take some drugs to control the creatinine level at early stage and accept dialysis at the late stage, but finally they found their creatinine level haven’t been lowered and they become more and more dependent on drugs and dialysis. Then how to lower the creatinine in lupus nephritis naturally and effectively? The key is to repair the damaged kidney.

Lupus Nephritis patients in our hospital will accept the combined treatment of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine which are effective and there is no any side effect.

Western medicine: patients will have a fully and special examination in detail which will show the specific physical condition of patients and direct the pharmacy. And if patients are serious, they need blood purification, dialysis only can clean micromolecule toxins such like creatinine, but some macromolecule toxins causing SLE, it need our advanced immune absorption and blood exchange technology.

Traditional Chinese Medicine: our special “four+seven ” treatment. “Four” means four kinds of medicines : an oral Chinese medicine, a bottle of Maikang Composition, a dose of external application with Chinese medicine and a basin of foot bath medicine, and “seven” means seven kinds of approaching medicine ways: steaming therapy, medical bath, circle therapy, acupuncture therapy, hot compress therapy, lavipeditum therapy, enema therapy. The “four” and “seven” supplement each other and every of them contains rare Chinese herbs which have the functions of cleaning toxins, promoting blood vessel, dissolving blood stasis and so on. Without a long time, Lupus Nephritis patients can see the creatinine is lowered obviously.

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