Effective Treatments for Proteinuria in Lupus Nephritis

Effective Treatments for Proteinuria in Lupus NephritisProteinuria in lupus nephritis brings patients much worry about their health. They may be so distressed by the difference from others and need some help. We have several effective treatments for proteinuria in lupus nephritis. Let’s learn one of the treatments now.

Lupus nephritis is a glomerular disease caused by long-time system lupus erythematosus. The reason for lupus nephritis is that after lupus erythematosus cell infecting the body, it creates many immune complexes in blood and makes them depositing on epithelial cell. This can damage the normal function of glomerular epithelial cell. So glomerulus can’t filter protein as normal. Thus proteinuria happens.

While the main cause for system lupus erythematosus is the defect in your own immunity system. So our immunotherapy is the best way to treat proteinuria in lupus nephritis.


Immunotherapy can improve immunity by six steps:

1. Immune diagnose

The aim is to find toxic and harmful elements of specificity in the kidney. This is the base of later treatment.

2. Immune clear

To excrete circulating immune complexes in blood and other toxic and harmful elements out by blood purification technique.

3. Immune blocking

To block the aggressive inflammatory responses in kidney area through all kinds of immunosuppressive drugs.

4. Immune tolerance

To make coexisting of renal cells and immune complexes by continuously resisting aggressive inflammatory responses.

5. Immune adjustment

To repair inherent immune system and eliminate immune complexes by promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis.

6. Immune protecting

To repair and rebuild inherent immune system by Yiqi health and cell treatments.

Through these six steps, the whole immunity of body will be improved greatly including the immunity of kidney, of course. So glomerulus can keep protein in the body thus will alleviate and even reverse proteinuria.

If you have any other questions about proteinuria in lupus nephritis, please don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail kidneyfight@hotmail.com or ask our doctors online. It’s our pleasure to help you.


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