How to Treat Frequent Urination During the Night in Lupus Nephritis

How to Treat Frequent Urination During the Night in Lupus NephritisFrequent urination during the night is a common symptom of lupus nephritis, it can cause great pain to patients both in physical and mental, then, how to treat the sign?

Before answering the question, let’s learn how does lupus nephritis occur?

It is a complication of systemic lupus erythematosus(SLE). Normally, the normal immune system can prevent your body from outside invaders. However, in SLE, the immune system cannot distinguish the difference between harmful substances and useful ones. Eventually, it cause lupus nephritis, and patients may experience frequent urination during the night, then, is there an effective method to treat the symptom?

Hot Compress Therapy

It is a new method that applies traditional Chinese medicines and modern technology and equipment. During the treatment, the shattered medicine will be permeated into kidney lesions directly, by dilating the blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, degradation, renal function can be enhanced in root. Once renal function is improved, kidney injury may be slowed down or even stopped, so frequent urination during the night may be relieved.

In addition, the method is comfortable, safe, and no side effect. During the course, patients can listen to the music, and all the medicines are from nature, they can’t cause any harm to the body. Any interest? Sending to

Diet management

Besides, a proper diet can also help delay the progression of renal damage. First, patients should limit the fluid intake, because too much fluid will aggravate frequent urination during the night. Also, taking more fresh fruits and vegetables is also significant, which can supply vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients so as to improve immunity and relieve symptoms of lupus nephritis.

Expect for the above methods, certain herbal medicines can also remit frequent urination during the night, our experts have made a characterized herbs list. If you want to get such a list. Contact with us now.


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