How Can I Manage Fatigue with Lupus Nephritis

It is reported that as many as 80 percent people with lupus nephritis will suffer from fatigue. Even if it is not a life-threatening condition, it do affect patients’ life quality largely. Thereby, how to manage fatigue may become their major concern.

How Can I Manage Fatigue with Lupus NephritisThere is no exact reason indicate why extreme fatigue occurs in so may people, but nephrologists at our Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital point out the following factors seem to play significant roles, for example, poor immune system, anemia, severely restricted diet, accumulation of toxins within the blood, depression, smoking, lack of exercises, etc.

After the above explanations, patients may have form a basic understanding about the inducing factors. Then what should patients do to manage fatigue? Rend on to find detailed information.

Tips to manage fatigue with lupus nephritis

Herbal medicine to improve the production of red blood cells Anemia is a major cause of fatigue in people with lupus nephritis. Except for some western medicines, some herbal medicine are also helpful for the production of red blood cells. Eager to get a herbal list for your condition? Send us email to and you will get a satisfied answer as early as possible.

Strengthen the immune system and restore kidney function Lupus nephritis is an autoimmune disorder, to relive fatigue and prevent from kidney failure, it is important to seek for effective treatment. Here, immunotherapy is highly recommended. It can not only help correct the abnormal immune system but also improve renal function. For more info, you are welcomed click the Live Contact immediately.

Take moderate exercises regularly To help relieve fatigue, it is essential to take physical activities in moderation. Such as, walking, jogging, yoga, Tai Chi and so on. And the time can last for 20-30 minutes, 4-5 times each week.

In addition, a healthy diet and changes of lifestyle can also be beneficial. If you are searching for treatments to alleviate fatigue with lupus nephritis, we really hope you can benefit a lot.

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