Lupus Nephritis What Can We Do to Prevent Creatinine 2.43 from Rise

Lupus Nephritis What Can We Do to Prevent Creatinine 2.43 from RiseLupus nephritis is a immune disorder in which our self immune system will take worng function to attack against our own tissues and organ including kidneys. While, what can we do to prevent creatinine 2.43 from rise?

First at all, take good care of the patients.

No matter what causes the elevated of creatinine 2.43, the patients need to pay attention to sports and diets in the daily life so as to reduce the burden of kidneys and strong the healthy. Additionally, the lupus nephritis patients would better to spend more energy to themselves For more related information, welcome to chat with our Online Doctor.

Besides, please do not forget an available remedy.

We can not deny the good effects of Western medicines though I prefer Chinese medicines. You know, Western medicines can make your symptoms of lupus nephritis under control rapidly. However, they take less work in renovating renal function. As for Chinese medicines, many patients do believe they can come to work gradually and radically. Nevertheless in fact, Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine put up with a set of inventive creations of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to meet the demand of the patients.

These new measures include Immunotherapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Steaming Therapy and so on, leading to dilate blood circulation, adjust the immune system, eliminate the abnormal immune products, repair the diseased but not necrotic kidney functions, etc. By this way, the creatinine 2.43 will be diminished naturally, and the patients can hold on a high-quality life.

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