37% Kidney Function What are Steps to Maintain Lupus Nephritis

37% Kidney Function What are Steps to Maintain Lupus Nephritis37% kidney function stands for the third stage kidney disease, which is near kidney failure. However, if the patients can receive effectively treatments in time, they can avoid further dialysis and transplant successfully and turn back to track. While, what are steps to maintain lupus nephritis with 37% kidney function?

What is lupus nephritis?

Lupus nephritis is a kidney damage caused by lupus. You know, once the immune system are abnormal to work well as it should do, some organ and tissues will be attacked by ourselves, including kidneys. What is more, the patients are too weak to protect themselves from the extraneous toxins. And thus, the kidney function will be less and less.

How to protect the kidneys and maintain lupus nephritis?

Above all, please insist the right foods and healthy life styles. You know, it is good for you to command or reverse your conditions. For more related information, welcome to chat with Online Doctor.

Toxin-Removing Therapy, including a set of inventive creations of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) like Foot Bath, Acupuncture, Steaming Therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and other natural means, has been proven its good effects on treating lupus nephritis. During the treatment of Toxin-Removing Therapy, the abnormal immune complexes will be removed from body, and it can adjust the balance of internal surrounding to reduce the self-attacking. What is more, it has the potentialities of resuming renal function as well.

As long as the kidneys are innovated, the kidney function can be increased, the creatinine level and other above indicators will be managed well, and the patients can hold a better life.

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