Lupus with CKD: How to Lower High Creatinine

A person with lupus left a message on our website. If you have the similar condition, hope this article will help you. This article will explain the details about how to lower high creatinine in lupus with CKD?

To lower high creatinine in CKD with lupus, it is necessary to know how lupus affects your kidneys and how creatinine increases.

Immune system is a powerful body protection system. It can keep our body healthy by defeating external pathogenic substances. With lupus, the body's immune system targets its own body tissues. Lupus nephritis occurs when lupus involves the kidneys. There are about 60% patients with lupus will develop lupus nephritis. Without aggressive treatment, CKD with lupus will be the result.

As the diseased kidneys can not adequately filter creatinine out of the body, high levels of creatinine will accumulate in the blood.

The first step treatment is to stop the further damage to renal function, creatinine from increasing and inhibition of abnormal immune activity and immune response in kidneys. Immunotherapy will be applied to help patients with lupus nephritis. Immune dysfunction can be corrected so as to recover the diseased immune system.

To lower high creatinine in CKD with lupus, the goal is to restore damaged renal tissues and cells and to improve kidney function. Hot compress therapy will be used in this treatment process. It can activate the body's self-healing system to repair the diseased kidney. When renal structure is restored, renal function will be markedly improved. Therefore, high creatinine level in CKD with lupus will be lowered fundamentally.

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