The Newest Treatment for Lupus Nephritis and Kidney Failure

The Newest Treatment for Lupus Nephritis and Kidney FailureLupus nephritis is one type of kidney disease and it develops into kidney failure easily. When you suffer from kidney failure, creatinine level is bound to raise, as a result, some symptoms appear on your body. Nowadays, Chinese medicine has been considered as the newest treatment to deal with lupus nephritis with kidney failure. Now, this article will explain it in details.

Although steroids treatment is commonly used in helping patients alleviate some clinical symptoms, it also makes patients experience various adverse effects and poisoning symptoms, including increases weight again, moon face, decrease immunity and memory problem. Since steroids treatment can not help patients solve the problem fundamentally, you need another treatment to help you live better.

Chinese medicine has been originated from ancient China and it appears to be very effective in helping patients get rid of various sufferings. Moreover, a series of natural treatments have been developed based on Chinese medicine according to patients’ illness condition. Different from steroids treatment, these natural treatments treat lupus nephritis from root.

As we all know, lupus nephritis occurs due to immune disorder, therefore immunotherapy is adopted to help patients regulate immune disorder and improve immunity. Immunotherapy concludes accurate diagnosis, immune clearance, immune tolerance, immune blocking, immune regulation and immune protection.

As immune disorder is regulated, other natural treatments would be used to repair the diseased kidney and recover kidney function. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath, Foot Bath, Steaming Therapy, Acupuncture Therapy, Steaming Therapy are used to repair the diseased kidney and recover kidney function. These natural treatments surprised the world with their four typical functions including extending blood vessels, promoting blood circulation, reliving inflammation and coagulation in blood, degrading extracellular matrix.

With the application of these treatments, immune disorder could be regulated, immunity is improved, other symptoms occur on your body including poor appetite, skin itching, muscle cramping and headache are relived completely. Most significantly, your kidney function could be improved little by little with the help of these treatments.

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