The Girl from Ningxia Who Was Born in 1990s Fought with Lupus Nephritis for Eight Years and His Lover Always Followed Her

“ward of hospital is my most scared place, where I thought my life would end up. And I was negative, depressed, even wanted to give up my life.” Xiao Hong said on bed, for these 8 years, it is the parents, her lover and doctors who give her confidence to fight with kidney disease, what is more, she will spread love forever in future.

On 8th, in a ward of Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital in Hebei province, Xiao hong was preparing things with her husband who is called Zhao Le for leaving. In this moment, her body was almost recovered well and she just got a wedding a week ago. Before the day: Qi Xi, reporters had known this love story about the couple who were born in 1990s.

As Xiao Hong told us, she was diagnosed with lupus nephritis in 2008. she had to give up studying to treat disease and got treated in many places around our country. What is worse, unfortunately her brother got crashed by car with legs broken on the way back home, and her mom was sick because of fatigue. This is a great shock for her and her family.

“I remember that my dad outside door called someone to borrow money. When he came in, I can see it did not work from his face. But he smiled to chat with me immediately when seeing me.” Xiao Hong said, she felt she was a burden for family and her whole world was dark.

Zhao Le who is her classmate knew that she had kidney disease, then he began to encourage her everyday by phone though they had not seen each other for years. What is more, he went out for work to help treat her disease. By the time, they fell in love. “I ask him a naive question, what is love? He answered, love is not judged by money because it is priceless, no matter what happens, I just need you to be with me, which is my whole world.”

During conversation, parents of Zhao Le objected very much when knowing her disease. Thus she decided to broke up and kept out of touch with Zhao Le. At that time, she was very depressed and disease got worse.

Doctor Shi Wei from Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital remembered that the first she saw Xiao Hong: her physical and mental conditions were both bad and she was negative about treatment.

When Xiao Hong Stayed in hospital, Zhao Le heard of it and came to Shijiazhuang to look after her for over a month without telling his parents, but She almost said nothing to Zhao Le.

In the recent tests, Zhao Le went to Shijazhuang again, and saw that she became much better to work and live. He was very excited and proposed to Xiao Hong in ward of hospital. Xiao Hong was very touched with thinking of their past and said yes finally.

“I have not thought to see here and come for me from that far.”Xiao Hong said, when Zhao Le came to Shijiazhaung, she did not speak to him on purpose. At night, she did not let him stay in ward, so he slept in floors.

In the whole interview, Zhao Le just stayed quietly with Xiao Hong. And he told reporters that he will keep the promise: she was the most beautiful girl and I will be nice to her forever no matter how hard the future is, I will be with her.

Zhao Le who is not good at speaking and talking told reporters, “we have much confidence to face the future life. Though my parents did not support me in the early times, parents understand now and Xiao Hong will be a good wife. In addition, I will find a job in country town or opened a store in net, and I will fight for making money to make her live a good life.”

“This is the first time that we spent the day Qi Xi after marriage, we will be on the train on Qi Xi day, I hope our love will be on the way to happiness.” Xiao Hong lowered head after hearing this saying of his husband, and hold his hands steadily.

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