Best Treatment for Lupus and Kidney Disease in China

Treatment for Lupus and Kidney Disease, lupus, lupus nephritisHow do you treat your lupus and kidney disease? Nowadays, Lupus Nephritis has become a common cause for kidney failure. In order to help patients avoid dialysis and kidney transplant effectively, to treat lupus and kidney disease properly seems to be very important.

For Lupus Nephritis patients, lupus is regarded as the primary disease, and it can damage not only kidneys, also other organs in the body such as skin, blood vessels, heart and lung. Experts in China believe that it is not enough to treat symptoms only with western medicines and healthy diet, otherwise there will not have so many cases finally develop kidney failure.

Then how do we help Lupus Nephritis patients? To say it simply, it contains three steps and they are eliminating lupus, repairing kidney damage and adjusting immune system.

We use advanced blood purification techniques like plasma exchange or immune absorption to help eliminate lupus, which helps avoid further damages to kidneys and other organs; then we use Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, medicated bath and other types of Chinese therapies to help expand blood vessels, improve blood circulation, remove immune complexes out of body, promote DNA replication of damaged inherent cells and offer kidneys nutrients to repair kidney damage and recover renal function; we use oral Chinese herbal medicine and foot bath to adjust immune complexes and enhance immunity, which can effectively avoid the relapses of Lupus Nephritis.

We have very rich experience treating lupus and kidney disease, and hope you could be benefited from Chinese therapies. If you are interested in our treatment methods for Lupus Nephritis and want to know more, we are glad to help.


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