Is Hormone Therapy Useful for Lupus Nephritis

In most casesl, hormone therapy is the most common therapy for lupus nephritis. Generally speaking, patients can get a good effect in clinic, due to some improper activities, lupus nephritis would bother patients again. Why and is hormone therapy useful for lupus nephritis.

Lupus nephritis is one of complications of lupus (SLE) which refers to autoimmune disease. Without a timely and effective treatment, renal failure would occur. Antibodies in the body do not only fight against foreign invaders but also attack the body cells as well. So many immune complexes (the combination of antibodies and antigens) are formed in the blood. When they deposit in the kidneys, they will arouse an active immune reaction that will give a great damage to kidney tissues.

Hormone therapy often are used to decrease the kidney damage and remit some symptoms, improving the life quality of patients and delaying the progression of kidney fibrosis. For example, the high blood pressure, edema, protein urine, blood urine and so on can be controlled well. However, these hormone medicines fail to reverse the kidney function and repair the injured renal cells, so the stopping use of the medicine can bring patients into pains again, and the long time use of these medicines can cause side effects such as moon-face, thin skin, crinosity, acne, myasthenia and amyotrophy etc.

It is no doubt that the hormone medicine plays an important role in controlling decreasing pains and protecting kidney function. However, the long time use of the medicine is not recommended. And the root treatment for lupus nephritis patients is reversing the kidney function.

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