Can BUN 58 and Creatinine 3.6 Be Lowered in Lupus Nephritis

Lupus nephritis patients with BUN 58 and creatinine 3.6 usually have around 25% kidney function.BUN and creatinine both are the common indicator to show the kidney function and are the representatives of metabolism wastes. The higher the creatinine and BUN level are, the more symptoms and complications lupus nephritis patients suffer. Then can BUN 58 and creatinine 3.6 be lowered?

Once lupus nephritis patients suffer high BUN and creatinine, they usually are recommended with some western medicines which are immune stimulant or hormones.but patients would find that they become more and more dependent on these medicine, however the creatinine and BUN level are unstable and even get higher and higher. Why? It is because these medicine just lower them through absorption and immunosuppression instead of reversing the kidney function. And western medicine do nothing for repairing the injured kidney, but the Traditional Chinese Medicine did it.

How the Traditional Chinese Medicine lower creatinine and BUN from root?

1. Steaming therapy: the active substances will enter into body through the expended pores. At the work of medicine and steam, the blood circulation can be promoted and the toxins can be excreted with sweating.

2. Medical bath: similar with steam, but more thorough than steam. And the medicine has diffusing function, patients will excrete lot of urine and sweats, reaching the purpose of lower creatinine and BUN.

3. Chinese circle: the medicine can draw out the toxins in body through searing the medicine on back and a series of messages along with acupoints.

4. Hot compress: the medicine has the functions of expending blood vessels, promoting blood circulation and dissolving blood clots in body, keeping the blood flow normal.

5. Foot bath: the blood circulation can be promoted though foot bath for the acupoints and vessels on foot are related with the whole body.

Except those, there are acupuncture, oral decoction, Chinese enema such therapies which also can be alternative for lowering creatinine and BUN. And the most important thing is the medicines also can help patients reverse their kidney function through keeping the blood in circulation are healthy and smooth.

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