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Lupus Nephritis Treatment

What is the Best Treatment for Kidney Scarring from Lupus

Lupus affects peoples kidney function, leaving a person suffering from kidney failure easily. Based on this, patients have a irresistible urge to know what is the best treatment for kidney scarring from lupus. Nowadays, as Chinese medicine...Read More

The Newest Treatment for Lupus Nephritis and Kidney Failure

Lupus nephritis is one type of kidney disease and it develops into kidney failure easily. When you suffer from kidney failure, creatinine level is bound to raise, as a result, some symptoms appear on your body. Nowadays, Chinese medicine ha...Read More

Which Treatment is Best for 17% Kidney Function with Lupus Nephritis

Clinically, lupus nephritis is a kind of chronic kidney disease, which decreases your kidney function and threats your life progressively. As dialysis and kidney transplant can not slow down illness progression progressively, patients are e...Read More

What Should I Do with Proteinuria with Lupus Nephropathy

Lupus Nephropathy is a glomerulonephritis caused by systemic lupus erythematosus, lupus is a autoimmune disease, which decreases kidney function easily, as a result proteinuria occurs easily. Therefore, patients are eager to know what shoul...Read More

What is the Best Way to Treat Lupus Nephritis

Lupus Nephritis is an inflammation of the kidneys caused by systemic lupus erythematosus. In general, lupus nephritis develops into kidney failure easily. Therefore, patients are eager to know what is the best way to treat lupus nephritis....Read More

How Does Toxins-Removing Treatment Help Reduce Proteinuria with Lupus Nephritis

Proteinuria is a early and common signal in patients with lupus nephritis. Due to immune disorder, lupus affects kidney function easily. When kidney function declines, proteinuria occurs easily. If you are wondering how Toxins-Removing Trea...Read More

Why Patients with Lupus Nephritis Suffer from Intractable Swelling

Recently, more and more patients are bothered by repeated swelling on their body. Swelling affects their daily life severely. Therefore, patients are wondering why patients with lupus nephritis suffer from intractable swelling. Please add W...Read More

Lupus Nephritis with Intractable Proteinuria, What Should I Do

Proteinuria is a common sign of lupus nephritis, although it does not make any pains to patients, it indicates that there is severe damage with your kidney function, therefore, patients need to take effective measures as soon as possible to...Read More

The Girl from Ningxia Who Was Born in 1990s Fought with Lupus Nephritis for Eight Years and His Lover

“ward of hospital is my most scared place, where I thought my life would end up. And I was negative, depressed, even wanted to give up my life.” Xiao Hong said on bed, for these 8 years, it is the parents, her lover and doctors who give ...Read More

Natural Toxin-Removing Therapies for Lupus Nephritis Patients

Lupus nephritis not only looks ugly for patients, but also the patients feel bothered and painful. For having a healthy body, many patients with lupus nephritis want to treat their disease. While, how to treat the condition naturally and do ...Read More

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