High Creatinine Level in Lupus Nephritis: What Should I Do

Lupus nephritis is an immune system disorder, usually, patients will present high creatinine level. So, what should i do if i have high creatinine level with lupus nephritis?

First, we need to find the cause of high creatinine level with lupus nephritis. Creatinine is a product of muscle metabolism, it should be discharged out of the body by kidneys, so, in normal case, there is no or less creatinine in patients’ body. When kidney function declines, especially in lupus nephritis, when immune system attack kidneys, the failed kidneys can not remove creatinine properly, in this case, high creatinine level occurs.

If the creatinine can not be lowered effectively, patients will experience a series of dangerous signs and complications. If left alone, the illness condition will develop into kidney Failure, which can threaten patients’ life at any time. So, what should i do if i have high creatinine level with IgA nephropathy?

Immunotherapy is a new method in Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital that can rebuild a new immune system, since the underlying cause of high creatinine level with IgA nephropathy is the immune system disorder, so, in order to lower increased creatinine level from the root, we need to treat immune system damage. Mostly, the common treatments that are focused on controlling the signs and complications, in this case, it is easy to relapse once patients experience bleeding, fever and cold. Differ from common treatments, Immunotherapy can treat immune system injury from the root. For more details of the therapy, please send an email to kidneyfight@hotmail.com, we can provide more details for you.

In addition, a healthy diet can also help to lower creatinine level, patients are suggested to avoid the following foods, such as, rich protein foods, animal inner organs, butter, red meats, white bread, sweets, dairy, white flour, caffeine-containing drinks, and so on.

After the above analysis, we believe you have learned a lot about what should you do with high creatinine level in IgA nephropathy? Leave a message below, good luck!


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