Can Lupus Nephritis Lead to High Blood Pressure

Lupus Nephritis, a secondary disorder of SLE. If poorly controlled, a series of symptoms will occur. Well, can lupus nephritis cause high blood pressure?

Can Lupus Nephritis Lead to High Blood Pressure To be honest, hypertension is a common symptom in lupus, and the reasons are as follows:

1. Decline of kidney function Under normal circumstances, kidneys can help secrete a hormone named renin to control blood pressure. However, in this autoimmune disease, the damaged kidneys can not work well, when there is too much renin, high blood pressure occurs.

2. Retention of fluid and sodium When there is large amount of fluid and sodium, the blood flow will increase. And this condition is more likely to appear in advanced stage of kidney disease.

How to lower high blood pressure in lupus?

Medications Mostly, medications like ACE Inhibitors, ARBs, Beta-blockers and diuretics can be prescribed by the doctors to lower high blood pressure. Meanwhile, it should be controlled within or below 130/80mm Hg.

Follow a low-salt diet Too much intake of salt will aggravate edema and hypertension. Thereby, they should stay away from salted foods, pickled products, etc.

Hot compress therapy In lupus, controlling hypertension alone is not enough, the core of treatment should focus on slowing down it’s progression and restoring kidney function. After a period of treatment, renal function will be restored finally. What’ more, each formula is prescribed on the specific condition. Any interests? Please consult with our Live Doctor directly!

Healthy lifestyle In daily life, they should also pay attention to a healthy lifestyle. For instance, quit smoking and drinking; take moderate exercises regularly, walking, jogging, Tai Chi; control of body weight; a positive attitude towards life and so on.

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